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When to Call a Roofing Company in Los Angeles After a Storm

roof repair los angelesAfter a large storm passes through the area, a homeowner might be concerned about the shape of their roof. It’s always a good idea to contact a professional for an inspection if they’re worried, but there are three signs they definitely won’t want to ignore after a storm passes. Take the time to learn the signs so you can know when to call a roofing company in Los Angeles after a storm.

  • Leaking Inside the Home – Leaking inside the home is a clear sign a Los Angeles roofer is needed. They should be called as quickly as possible to repair the roof and prevent further damage to the home.
  • Visible Damage to the Roof – Even if the roof isn’t leaking, visible damage to the roof like broken shingles needs to be taken care of quickly. The damage might not be bad enough to let water in at first, but it’s going to get worse with time and start to cause leaking inside the home. A Southern California roofing company can repair the damage before the leaking begins to save on costs of the roof repair and repairing mold and water damage inside the home.
  • Visible Damage to a Neighbor’s Roof – This is one that’s often overlooked. If there is a significant storm in the area and a homeowner sees multiple neighbors having their roofs repaired, it’s a good idea to go ahead and have their own roof inspected. In some cases, a roofer for a neighbor’s home will knock on the door and let the homeowner know they can see the damage from the neighbor’s roof and suggest having an inspection done. It’s a good idea to have an independent inspection done to avoid a scam, but they often do this to help the homeowner even if they don’t get the business.

Although not every storm calls for a roofer near Los Angeles CA to perform an inspection, knowing the signs of roofing damage and when to call a roofer is essential. Every homeowner should remember that an inspection from a roofing specialist in Los Angeles CA is far less expensive compared to a major repair or a full replacement. It’s always a good idea to have an inspection done if there’s any worry the roof could be damaged instead of holding off until major damage is noticed on the roof and inside the home.

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