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A Top-Quality Roofing Company in Los Angeles Can Avoid These Mistakes

best roof repair contractor southern californiaWhen shingle roofs need repair, determining the cause of the problem isn’t always easy. Typically, leaks are the first sign of trouble, but the leak may not be in the same area as the damage. A Southern California roofer can provide the expertise and skill needed to thoroughly inspect the roof and perform the necessary repairs. Homeowners should be aware of the most common mistakes made during roofing repair to ensure that the Los Angeles roofing company avoids them.

A Faulty or Inadequate Base

Surface repairs may be a money-saver, but they do little to address problems arising from poorly installed underlayment or damaged decking. For the best result, shingles should be taken off to allow a thorough examination of the sheathing and roof deck, followed by recommendations and repairs.

Improperly Installed Shingles

Proper shingle alignment is important, especially with the starter course of shingles. A roofer near Los Angeles CA should take care to offset joints and lay shingles flat. When an installer ignores these considerations, it may lead to leaks that aren’t detected until the damage is already done.

Insufficient Fastening

Quality roof repairs depend on roofing underlayment, decking, and shingles that are properly attached. Insufficient fastening allows high winds to lift shingles, and it lets moisture work its way down through the roof’s layers, which can lead to an eventual leak and severe damage.

Incorrect Flashing Installation

Flashing is used to move moisture away from penetration points. Flashing around chimneys, vents, skylights and satellite dishes can keep these areas from allowing water to seep into the roof.

Ignoring the Manufacturer’s Recommendations

When a roofing specialist in Los Angeles CA fails to follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines, the warranty may be voided. Proper prep work and installation can ensure the quality of the repair while maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty.

By hiring a licensed, reputable roofer, area homeowners can avoid the mistakes listed above, which are quite common when dealing with inexperienced roofers. Whether it’s for flashing replacement or a complete installation, a roofing company in Los Angeles will use quality products and current standards to get the job done.

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