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Tile Roof Benefits


Both clay and concrete tile roofs are not ugly. The available styles and colors will help improve any structure causing curb appeal that is unavailable with other roofing materials. Adding longevity and the functionality of a tile roof to its aesthetic qualities effects in a job that gets found. Whether you're a homeowner who intends to sell your house in the near future or a generation contractor trying to find ways to identify your development, a tile roof will help raise the house's worth.

Strength and Longevity

Through hail and rain, snow, high wind, a correctly installed tile roof can resist the components supplying years of worry-free operation. All roof tile is Class A fire rated and can help to lower energy prices by reducing heat transfer through air circulation under the tile and through concrete's built-in insulating properties. Most tile surpasses or matches present seismic load demands when correctly fastened. Both clay and concrete tile are shielded by Limited Lifetime Product Guarantee



If you think about that a tile roof will survive for the life of the construction, the total life cycle cost of the roof is fairly affordable in comparison to other roofing materials. With routine care, the hassle and expense of re roofing is minimized or removed

Energy Efficient

Most tile makers are given to develop a cohesive eco-friendly plan focused on giving, energy-saving products and systems. The systems were created to reduce waste and pollution in addition to maintains much desired resources. The way these systems are more energy efficient are:

  • Energy Saving Roof - This kind of roof system ventilates the space between the deck and the roof, reducing heat transfer into the loft by up to 50% when compared to asphalt roofs. The result means less work for the air conditioner, less cost of energy and lower electric statements for the end user.
  • Cool Roof Tile - Cool Roof Tile colors are available for reroof and new building jobs, which are approved by ENERGY STAR and the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) for reflectivity. Specific colours may qualify for rebates through authorities rebate systems or utility businesses. Houses constructed with CRRC rated products are often compliant with California's 2008 Title 24 requirements. Buildings using reflective roofing can anticipate a 7%-15% savings on cooling costs, while helping reduce the "heat island effect" on the surroundings. Additionally, Cool Roof Tile may also help a job qualify for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED(registered company)) purposes finally enabling that job to meet the requirements for LEED certification.
  • Production Procedure - Most roof tile manufacturers are recycling and using recycled products in their attempts that are friendly. The modernization of energy efficient equipment in the plantshas lead to significantly reduce haul-away from their plants into landfills.



Designs and Colors

The extensive assortment of colors let roofers, architects, homeowners and contractors the ability to discover just the right contour and mix for any specified architecture. The shades are designed by professionals with a sharp awareness of comprehension trends and aesthetics in outdoor finishes. Whether you're looking for more naturalistic colors or energetic fusion, Tile has everything you should fulfill your roofing needs.

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Contact us for a free comprehensive written estimate for your next roofing project.

Call (562) 529-8100 - Our roofing professionals are available 24/7/365

Contact us for a free comprehensive written estimate for your next roofing project.