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The Right Time to Hire a Roofing Company in Los Angeles

roofing contractor paramount caA new roof is expensive no matter when it’s installed, but homeowners can save money on labor and materials by getting the work done during the off season. Roofers work all year long, and are ready to work whenever the customer needs help. However, many homeowners wait as long as possible to save money and extend the lifespan of the roof.

Peak Season vs. Off Season Hiring

Most roofers are at their busiest during the late summer and early fall. In fact, some get so busy that homeowners are forced to wait, if they can find a Los Angeles roofer at all. Roofers prefer this season because the yearly rains have largely dissipated, and the weather becomes more predictable. Pricing is another issue, and because the peak season is so busy, a Southern California roofing company may increase their prices. For these reasons, it’s best for homeowners to get their roofs replaced during the spring, summer or winter.

Wintertime Roofing

One benefit to wintertime roofing work is that the homeowner can have their pick of local roofing companies because most aren’t too busy. Asphalt shingle manufacturers don’t consider installation temperature when creating warranties, but new shingles should be thermally sealed. Unfortunately, the process can take a few days in colder temperatures; the wait is offset by the fact that roofing materials are typically cheaper during the winter.

Summertime Roof Replacement

Summer is a busy time for a roofing company in Los Angeles. Shingles can easily become damaged in the heat if roofers aren’t careful, and accidents are more common. If a homeowner wants to get their roof repaired or replaced during the summer months, they should call the roofer near Los Angeles CA to schedule work ahead of time.

The right time of year for roofing work and good pricing is based on many factors, but advance planning is one of the most important. If a homeowner’s roof needs to be replaced, the job should be scheduled early to ensure a spot on the roofer’s calendar. The homeowner should sign a contract with the

roofing specialist in Los Angeles CA to lock in current labor and material pricing. Alternatively, the customer could call the roofer during the spring or early summer to get in ahead of the rush.

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