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Let an Expert Roofing Company in Los Angeles Eliminate Roofing Problems

res1The roof on a building can come in several types depending on the purpose of the structure. For instance, the typical house will have a pitched or gabled roof while most large commercial buildings make use of a flat or low-sloped roof. However, the variances don’t stop there. In fact, a residential roofing company in Los Angeles needs to be able to install a large array of products from common asphalt shingles to steel sheets or fiber-cement tiles.

Commercial solutions are just as varied, although a roofing specialist in Los Angeles CA, may specialize in specific styles such as the BUR (Built-Up Roofing). BUR is the most common type of roof found on large structures with a lot of roofing surface. BUR begins with a layer of decking over the rafters and joists. The decking is then covered with a membrane such as roofing felt or tar paper. This is sealed with a layer of hot asphalt and topped with an aggregate. BUR is usually recommended for its easy patching and quick sealing properties.

Alternatives to the BUR roofing style include TPO (Thermoplastic Poly Olefin) or PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and a few others such as TPO AND PVC (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer), which is a synthetic rubber material. These membranes provide great coverage and often reduce the need for repairs since they are extremely durable. A Los Angeles roofer might suggest these alternatives when the BUR roof isn’t providing the coverage the commercial customer requires or is difficult to put into place.

If the roof in questions is for a larger building, then either PVC or TPO may be the best solution. A Southern California roofing company can give the specifics, but either option provides easier installation and quicker repairs. The key is the way these products are applied. Instead of using a sealant to protect overlapping seams, TPO and PVC seams are closed through welding. That is, the two pieces of the product are heated and joined together. This provides strong seams with less chance of unexpected damage.

Even if the roof hasn’t failed, it may be a good idea to contact a roofer near Los Angeles CA, for a roofing inspection. This small step could save a lot of money because an experienced roofer can quickly recognize the signs of failure. Obvious indicators are easy, but an experienced roofer will know to look deeper.

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