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If you own a business or are responsible for the maintenance and repair of a commercial roof, contacting an experienced roofing company in Los Angeles will help to make the roofing concern easier. An experienced roofing company will offer a variety of solutions to install, repair or replace a commercial roof. They also offer preventative maintenance that can help a roof last for many years to come. Whatever type of roof a commercial building has, they will know how to properly fix it. If you notice a small leak, they should be contacted immediately to prevent severe damage from occurring to a roof.

What is an emulsion roof product and what are its benefits?

An emulsion coating is a product that can be used on an asphalt roof. This coating is very beneficial to many owners because it can extend the life of the roof without the need to remove an entire roof. An experienced Los Angeles roofer can apply the emulsion so it creates a waterproof membrane on the roof. Some of the emulsion could have bentonite clay in it and usually doesn’t contain any asbestos. In addition, the emulsion can help to keep a building cooler and increase energy savings.

Can you restore metal roofing without completely replacing it?

If your building currently has a metal roof that is very old, it could have begun to develop rust areas and need repaired. A metal roofing system doesn’t always need to be removed by a Los Angeles roofing company. A metal roof can be restored with a restoration system. These types of systems are usually white and help to reflect the UV rays from the sun. It will seal any seams that may have become loose. The reflective properties of the product can help to reduce cooling costs by up to 30% in the building. This type of system is much more affordable to meet the needs of the company’s budget.

When you speak with a roofing specialist in Southern California, you can explore all of the alternatives your business needs for roofing. Don’t worry about having one of your maintenance personnel attempt to repair a roof when a roofer near Los Angeles CA can easily and affordably repair or replace your roof.

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