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Commercial Roofing in Brea, CA

A practiced roofing business takes great satisfaction in developing creative, inexpensive custom products when it comes to even the most intricate commercial roofing projects.

Careful knowledge along with cutting-edge technology produces a robust commercial roofing build. Every phase of your job, beginning with pre-construction through completion is imperative for a success. You will be confident knowing that an accomplished roofing contractor can always merge the finest in market place specifications and experience to each commercial roof maintenance or installment jobs.

TPO Industrial and Commercial Roofing in Brea, CA

TPO Commercial Roofing Contractor in Brea, CA


Choosing the ideal industrial roofing solution for your project or structure is usually the single most vital determinations you can ever reach. The ideal choice will maintain your investment for a very long time while a inferior roofing system may result in costly maintenance, damages to your structure and its contents, and possibly a premature tear-off and re-roofing expense. In the next couple passages, we are going to furnish a brief outline of a couple of the most frequently used options.

If you’re constructing a new structure or thinking about updating an aged roof on an existing building, there are four primary commercial roofing types to consider:

TPO AND PVC Roofing Systems Installation in Brea, CA and the Surrounding Areas

TPO AND PVC roofing allows greater durability and versatility, making it one of the longest lasting kinds of industrial roofs in the marketplace. TPO AND PVC commercial roofing systems are also usually a lot easier to maintain, build, and repair compared to other types of industrial roofs.

Thermoplastic Olefin Roofing (TPO)

TPO roofing systems are considered one of the swiftest growing commercial roof systems. Comprised of an incredibly resilient substance, along with a lower heat level flexibility, and a higher heat tolerance, these roofs are specially immune to chemical, ozone, and ultraviolet exposure. TPO roofs are generally presumed to generate a life expectancy of 20 or more years, and likewise boast a significant resistance to flame, perforations, chemical substances, and high winds.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

As your electricity costs continue to rise and our nation can start to see the advantages of eco-friendly and alternative power, some businesses are making the switch to solar powered energy roofing systems. Photovoltaic solar panels integrated atop a roof or applied with a membrane layer, glass, and roof mounted tiles, take in the sun's rays and transform it into electric power that could be utilized to power a business. Though not in wider practice, PV panel roofing systems provide very high potential to preserve energy and lower rising prices.

Green Roofing Systems

Perhaps of almost every form of commercial roof possible in the current market, green roofing systems have undergone the highest surge in popularity during the last couple of years. Sedum green roofing systems are commonly flat roofs that are partly or totally blanketed with top soil and vegetation and cultivated on top of a watertight membrane layer. Green roofing systems decrease the urban heat island impact by absorbing heat and similarly are observed to vastly increase a roof’s insulation value – extending the life of the rooftop by 2 to 3 times as long and decreasing AC and heating prices.

Other Commercial Roofing System Options

Aside from Thermoplastic Olefin and TPO AND PVC flat roofing systems, modified roofing could be yet another possibility; it employs layers of redundant roofing to produce a durable surface that is resistant to climatic conditions. Comparable to modified roofing systems, a built-up roof is a viable commercial roof solution depending on the roof’s pitch and complications.

Choosing an Experienced Commercial Roofing Contractor Installer in Brea, California

As authorized contractors for a good number of major brands, licensed roofing contractors know the weaknesses and strengths of all roofing system so they are positioned to help you in selecting an appropriate roofing system for your organization and your budget. A skilled estimator offers the training and product information to propose the optimum roofing solution to support your structure's requirements. A professional commercial roofing contractor can install new roofs or restore old compromised ones. Several maintenance and repair solutions are readily available to maximize the lifespan of the roofing system on your commercial structure. A competent installer is likewise informed of all ordinances for commercial roofs, particularly Title 24 compliance. Well-qualified, highly-trained roof technicians provide widespread understanding of commercial roofing choices and will always finish your job promptly and within your proposed budget. A trusted commercial roofer will take great pains to be minimally disruptive and respectful of your business and property throughout construction, protecting appropriate customer and staff member access to the fullest extent possible.


All new roof system installations are protected by a full product warranty, including a manufacturer warranty for your assurance. We get all required permits and arrange the mandatory inspections. During the course of your project and upon your roofing project completion, a city inspection will be required. An experienced commercial roofing company will provide periodic basic safety meetings, and a quality control supervisor and project manager should supervise all construction. Choose a commercial roofer that is wholly licensed, bonded, and insured; nearly all will offer proof of insurance along with your quote. Call today for a complimentary, no obligation roofing estimate.

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