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Highland Park Roofing Company

Highland Park Roofing Company

We're proud to be Highland Park's trusted roofing company. Our expert roofing crews will make the roof installation process go smoothly and without delay. Our storm damage specialists will walk you through the inspection and home insurance process and hail damage roof repair is our specialty. We cover all kinds of damages from wind and water and our dedicated crew will make sure your investment lasts for decades to come. The first step to securing the best Highland Park roofing company is to ask the right questions before hiring.

Questions to ask a roofing contractor before hiring

Do you have a license?

The first condition to ask the contractor is whether they have a license. The license is a testament that the roofing company meet’s the board's certifications and offers quality service. Keep in mind that each state has different regulations; hence you should look up our state requirements for a clear picture of where roofing contractors near me fit into the scale. In addition, you should confirm if they have the proper paperwork and permits to increase their competency skills.

Have you seen other roofing services in Highland Park?

I can't tell you how many times I've heard the story of roofers that don't show up at a residential property. Not just at the time they say they will arrive, but sometimes not even on the same day. That could mean this roofing contractor doesn't have their act together and simply does not have a crew in the area. Emergency roofing repairs need to be make to protect the structural wood and everything else inside the home. However, be aware that long-distance roofers can't always send the same workforce or supervise their teams and will offer inflated prices to cover the cost of transit, material shipping, and temporary labor. Highland Park, Illinois on Chicago's North Shore is a well covered territory for our roofing operation based in Evanston.

JNJ Restoration offers its services to the Evanston and Glen Ellyn areas of Chicago. We are available for emergency repairs for damages due to lightning, storms, wildlife, or high winds. Do not wait until the next day or dawn to get emergency roofing repair because the damage is potentially dangerous and could easily result in a worse roofing situation in a couple of hours.

What is your length of experience in the roofing industry?

One must always look up the length of history of the company in the business before engaging them in residential or commercial roofing. The older company usually has enough experience for all kinds of roofing complications in the area and is unlikely to face a challenge no matter the type of roofing damage. 

This case is not to state that a young roofing company will not deliver. However, they are unlikely to have enough funds to get them through winter or challenging seasonal periods; hence they will leave you pending at the most crucial time. You want to be sure the Highland Park roofing contractors can take care of your roof and maintain regular checkups at all times because they have the expertise and skills.

Are you easy to contact?

JNJ Restoration is a family-owned and operated roofing company. As such, a roofing and siding contractor in Highland Park IL understands the importance of maintaining a healthy roof over your heads and maintain actively open lines for easy accessibility. Our team will not shuffle you from one person or department to another, all while delaying the real problem at hand. We have a system that processes your details quickly for the next available roofer to visit your location immediately.

Do you have any more questions about our roofing company or roofing contractors near Highland Park? Feel free to call 312-804-1336 for more information, then request a quick quote online for any roofing project.


Highland Park Roofing Company

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Highland Park Roofing Company